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Our vision is to be the leading force in linking the economics of the East-West and we are encouraged by the stable economy with a healthy growth and an affluent society, which continued to demand more services and better products.

Becutan | Baby Personal Care

#1 most recognized brand in baby care in southeastern Europe.
Established in 1978, the brand endures a long period of growth.
High quality clinically and dermatologically tested baby care products.
Nearly 50 products with more then 200 million pieces sold so far.
Absolut leader on the Macedonian market, with more then 50% marketshare.
Well positioned, among three strongest brands in other SEE markets.
80% share in the sales of overall cosmetic program.
Pharmaceutical grade quality at affordable prices.


AZURE SEVEN Global FZC Company, based in Ajman, United Arab Emirates is a multifunction organization, specialized in General Trading and Distributions with affiliations and business connection spanning around the globe, established with a mission to Trade and meet strategic products & services for the ever-growing market demands in the UAE Industry and Gulf Region as a whole.

AZURE SEVEN was founded on high ethical standards and will be committed to providing exceptional services to our clients in every aspect. To meet these challenges, we are guided by our qualified, experienced, motivated team who are fully equipped to achieve the Quality of our operations and innovative solutions to our customers. With the sound knowledge of being able to offer you still more with a better choice than yesterday, we are on the outlook for more potential business in the Middle East.

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AZURE SEVEN has developed sales and marketing solutions to enable businesses, from around the world, to maximize sales opportunities without the significant costs of employing an overseas team and running an international office. We enable our partners to overcome logistical challenges no matter where they are based.

In today’s fast-moving global market it is essential to act quickly if you have a good business model that is replicable in other markets.

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Today most companies rely on agents to represent their business in international markets. Research carried out by AZURE SEVEN highlights that businesses often have the challenge to establish overseas operations due to pressures of running their domestic operation while trying to balance the demands of a new overseas office.